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-lying areas. my in-laws have been asked to evacuate as well from where they live. >> they're expecting widespread power outages. >> they found out, the co-op, that they're related to you. >> let's not even disclose that publicly. >> you're just trying to tie a hurricane into your own problems. >> it's called subterfuge. >> let's talk quickly about the election. there were a flurry of polls out this weekend. we had an ohio poll that showed it split. that's one of the first ones. we don't know if that's an outlier or if that's the future, if that's momentum. a virginia poll, "washington post" poll showed that the president was ahead by four points in virginia. you kind of -- you look at a poll like that, and you say well, gee, if romney's losing by four in virginia, how does he win? then you see the ohio poll, "the des moines register" endorsement, polls that seem to favor mitt romney. can you remember an election, harold, where there were as many cross-currents that picked up a trend to tell you this one is going to win the election. >> since i've been able to vote in '92, it may have b
the weekend of law enforcement and all sorts of resources to put this thing on. >> if there was a symbolic action, there's a huge amount of corporate money that goes into the sponsorship of the marathon. if they were to cancel the marathon and all the corporations that put that money in were to say we're giving this money to disaster relief. >> i love it. >> we're all going to pull together in a symbolic way, make a different kind of symbolic statement, the resilience of the marathon towards aid and relief. >> how about the corporations doubling down? >> fine. >> and throwing a whole lot more money into it for disaster relief. >> great. >> making the marathon everything about rebuilding. and by the way, showing that corporations can be incredible parts of community and to work with, you know, alongside the government in helping build this country, it would be an opportunity. >> they are people. >> and it is a marathon. and as a rebuilding effort, there's got to be a marathon, it could be a nice symbolic gesture. >> the dad was asking me last night, saying where are those guys who make the
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and having a beer and, like, becoming best friends. he complimented his leadership. is that against the law? >> it's rather odd. >> does that make it more? is it odd in this climate, the climate's wrong. >> it was effusive. >> i'm more interested in mayor bloomberg and what's going on there. >> continue. jim. >> you know, mayor bloomberg obviously had the opportunity to have the president come to new york when the president comes to visit new jersey and basically said the trip to new jersey will suffice. and he said last night, he didn't mean to diss him. the truth is, both these guys have a lot on their hands. i don't think that blmberg's thinking a lot about politics right now. i think he's thinking about people where the streets are flooded and people are dying. on either one, i think both of them are doing, what do you do for your state and city? i think the rest of us have a lot of fun trying to read the body language, the subtext. >> willie, bloomberg scalded the president in "the atlantic" interview. this is personal. >> i would say this is a pattern with mayor bloomberg, but i'm wit
Search Results 0 to 9 of about 10 (some duplicates have been removed)